1966 AC Cobra SC 8.1 cc £POA

Im delighted to offer this beautiful 1966 AC Cobra 427 SC ( continuation 12/14) with race papers for appendix K. This wonderful example I have had before and absolutely love it, The engine is a 427 side oiler, appendix k qualifying 635bhp detuned to 550 by swapping the racing cam, which is available with the car, also with the car is a Very rare high rise inlet manifold. 640 lb ft torque with race cam and is Stroked from 427 to 511 cu in. 8.1ltr the original 428 engine and a spare completely re- conditioned 1966 gearbox, also have a spare set of gearbox internals. Old engine is completely stripped down. Block is cracked, pistons need new rings it comes with a spare engine and gearbox and some other parts including a higher output cam, this car is perfect as a fast road car or for historic racing, this car is also in Trevor Legate?s Book Cobra the first forty years.
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Thank you